IBAC History

The existence of the national association we now call the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada is very much due to the efforts of Jean-Charles d’Auteuil.

In the early 1920s, most provinces had several insurance brokers’ associations. Some associations were confined to provincial general brokers and others embracing local brokers or brokers residing in a particular city.

Jean-Charles d’Auteuil, who was originally employed as Secretary to the Québec Brokers’ Association had the dream of uniting these Associations into more cohesive units, and to him goes much of the credit that today we have a fully coordinated and cooperative network of brokers’ associations in each of our provinces, which come together to represent the insurance-buying interests of all Canadians to the Federal Government.

Jean-Charles traveled across the country, calling on brokers, convincing, persuading, and cajoling these fragmented associations into focusing their efforts on the characteristics which were common to their mutual aims, rather than those which divided them.

In so doing, he helped create the national organization known as the Canadian Federation of Insurance Agents and Brokers Associations.

The inaugural meeting of the national association we now call the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada was held in the Windsor Hotel in Montreal in January 1922.

Twelve associations were represented at this meeting and an additional seven sent a letter of support.

Today, IBAC is comprised of 11 members associations, representing 35,000 member brokers, all committed to upholding the insurance interests of all Canadians. Through their volunteer work and philanthropy within their communities, brokers have contributed a lot to Canadian society. Collectively they have also been effective in ensuring that governments at all levels are aware of insurance issues and the importance of ensuring fair and affordable protection for all.
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