Explore Insurance Broker Career Opportunities


An insurance broker is one of the most satisfying and stable career choices you can make. There are no significant barriers to entry, your progress being dependent on your abilities rather than your background or connections. It’s a “human” business. Salesmanship can help in certain parts of the business, but the key prerequisite is your desire to work with people, and to help them when they have a problem.

Brokers form life-long friendships within the profession and often enjoy the opportunity to make a personal and professional contribution to the communities they serve. Brokers are looked up to and appreciated for the work they do. They also enjoy much better career stability – everyone needs insurance.

While it is not mandatory to have either a university degree or college diploma to pursue this career, business courses offered by many post secondary institutions do include insurance administration programs in their business diplomas. Insurance brokers in Canada must be licensed by provincial regulatory bodies in order to conduct business. Most entry-level candidates have little trouble acquiring their basic accreditation. Their progress beyond is self-determined, based on enthusiasm for the task, and the time they are prepared to commit to their career. There are many, many higher-level courses for those inclined, including an insurance MBA.
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