Online BBA for Insurance Brokers
Master Your Profession. Online.

As the level of competition in the insurance industry continues to ramp up, as changes in the general marketplace, government policy and regulations constantly increase, so does the need for you to hone your business skills in order to advance your career and build your business.

IBAC and its member associations are pleased to offer Laurentian University's online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program for member brookers across Canada.  The BBA program includes a broad range of courses emphasizing core business management functions such as accounting, marketing, human resources, operations management, organizational behavior, business strategy and information systems.

The program is delivered online in English by Laurentian University, providing you with flexibility in choosing where and when you want to study.  All you need to get started is a membership in an IBAC member association, the CAIB or CPIB designation - which gives you advanced standing credits towards your degree, and a recognized 3 or 4-year college diploma.

There is no better way to gain the strategic business skills needed to complete and win in this new world than in completing a BBA.  Visit Laurentian University to learn more about the BBA program and to apply.