The Customer Service for the Insurance Professional Four-Part Program

As a customer service representative, your ability to deliver excellent service to your clients is critical to your brokerage’s success. In this four-part program, you will explore every aspect of brokerage operations from a customer service perspective. You will develop the skills required to  ensure that your office maintains a consistent, high quality, customer service approach in all market conditions. The Customer Service for the Insurance Professional program is an excellent resource, whether you are new to the insurance brokerage field or a seasoned professional.

Program Overview
The Customer Service for the Insurance Professional program is different from other programs in that there are no examinations to write. You will work through the program, which consists of four modules, at your own pace with the assistance of a mentor (e.g. manager, owner) within your brokerage office. Your mentor will provide you with guidance in areas where you require assistance, and reviews your answers to exercises in each module. Your association also may deliver this through seminar format. You will receive a certificate of completion once verification is received from your mentor.

You will explore the following topics:

The Role of the Insurance Broker

  • Understanding the Broker’s Role
  • Quality Service and its Benefits
  • Client Expectations
  • Effective Communications

Adding Value to your Brokerage

  • Selling Skills
  • Client Negotiation
  • Public Relations
  • Time Management
  • Brokerage Operations

Office procedures and brokerage workflows and their impact on:

  • Client Service
  • Errors and Omissions Liability Exposure
  • Office Efficiency
  • Industry Issues

The Broker and the Law

  • Inadequate Coverage
  • Industry Organization
  • Career Development

For more information or to register, contact a professional development specialist in your provincial insurance brokers association. »