Fundamentals of Insurance

The Fundamentals of Insurance Program

Welcome to the world of property and casualty insurance! Personal and commercial insurance, legal liability, automobile insurance, accident and sickness insurance, contracts, regulation of brokers, insurance definitions – you will learn it all in this introductory course.
Your learning will focus on the many insurance needs of the consumer by following the lives of the Butlers, a hypothetical family, who serve as an example to illustrate the workings of various insurance concepts. The main purpose of this approach is to break down the learning barriers that are often associated with specialized or technical disciplines such as insurance.

Program Overview
The successful completion of this foundation course satisfies the education requirement for a Level 1 license in some provinces.

Starting with the history of insurance, this course will guide you through definitions, functions, and major classes of the organization of insurance.

Your learning will include the following topics:

  • Introduction to General Insurance
  • Insurance Contracts
  • Role of Government in the Insurance Industry
  • Insurance Process
  • Common Characteristics of Property Insurance Policies
  • Personal Property (Habitational) Insurance
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Principles of Legal Liability
  • Introduction to Liability Insurance
  • Liability Insurance Policies
  • Accident and Sickness Insurance
  • Introduction to Automobile Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance – The Policy
  • Statutory Conditions and Endorsements
  • Regulation of Brokers


Study Formats
Fundamentals of Insurance is available in four study options:

1. Immersion Courses
This option consists of a week-long course, where you participate in intensive exercises and discussions. A final exam is held on the last day of the immersion class.

It is important that you read the study material before attending the course. If possible, please register at least one month prior to the immersion course start date so that you have enough time to receive your study materials and adequately prepare for the course.

2. Discussion Group
Classroom graps emphasize active participation and are a forum for the sharing of ideas.

3. On-Line
Some provincial assocations offer the Fundamentals of Insurance program in an on-line format.

4. Self-Study
If you want a more flexible schedule or are in a remote location, then the self-study format is ideal for you. You will be provided with a self-study guide in addition to the course textbook.

For more information or to register, contact a professional development specialist in your provincial insurance brokers association. »